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The work of Henry Nelson Wieman played an important role in the construction of the text of The Urantia Book. This bibliography is provided for the student who wishes to further pursue the work of this important source author. This material is taken from The Empirical Theology of Henry Nelson Wieman, by Robert Bretall, 1963.

1. Books by Henry Nelson Wieman
2. Essays, Articles and Reviews by Henry Nelson Wieman
3. Publications Dealing Specifically with Henry Nelson Wieman


AAPSS = Annals of the Academy of Political and Social Science
CC = Christian Century
Ethics = International Journal of Ethics
JP = Journal of Philosophy
JR = Journal of Religion
NR = New Republic
PR = Philosophical Review

1. Books by Henry Nelson Wieman

Religious Experience and Scientific Method (New York: Macmillan).

The Wrestle of Religion with Truth (New York: Macmillan).

Methods of Private Religious Living (New York: Macmillan).
Prepared during 1927-8 for monthly bulletin of Institute of Sacred Literature published at the University of Chicago under the title "Experiments in Personal Religion."

The Issues of Life: Mendenhall Lectures, 12th series, delivered at De Pauw University (New York: Abingdon Press).
Wieman and H. P. Van Dusen, Eds., Ventures in Belief: Christian Convictions for a Day of Uncertainty (New York: Scribner).

Is There a God? A Conversation (with Douglas Clyde MacIntosh and Max Carl Otto), first in Christian Century, 1932-3 (Chicago: Willet, Clark).

Normative Psychology of Religion (with Regina Westhall Wieman) (New York: Crowell).

American Philosophies of Religion (with Bertrand Eugene Meland) (Chicago: Willet, Clark).

The Growth of Religion (with Walter Marshall Horton) (Part II --Wieman: "Contemporary Growth of Religion") (Chicago: Willet, Clark).

Now We Must Choose (New York: Macmillan).

The Source of Human Good (Chicago: University of Chicago Press).
The Directive in History: Ayer Lectures, 1948 (Boston: Beacon Press, 1949).

Man's Ultimate Commitment (Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press).

Intellectual Foundation of Faith (New York: Philosophical Library).

2. Essays, Articles, and Reviews by Henry Nelson Wieman

"Organization of Interest" (from Doctoral Thesis). (No date.) (1917?)
"A Criticism of Coordination as Criterion of Moral Value." JP, XIV: 20 (Sept. 27,1917), pp. 533-42.

"The Nature of Mentality." Psychological Review, XXVI (May, 1919), pp. 23-46.

"Personal and Impersonal Groups." Ethics, XXXI (July, 1921), pp. 381-93.

"Knowledge of Other Minds." JP, XIX (Oct. 26, 1922), pp. 605-11.

"Experience, Mind, and Concept." JP, XXI (Oct. 29, 1924), pp. 561-72.
Review of J. E. Turner, The Philosophic Basis of Moral Obligation. JP, XXI (Oct. 23, 1924), pp. 611-14.

"How Do We Know God?" JR, V (March, 1925), pp. 113-29.
"Objectives Versus Ideals." Ethics, XXXV (April, 1925), pp. 296-307.
"Religion in Dewey's 'Experience and Nature.'" Review of John Dewey, Experience and Nature, JR, V (Sept., 1925), pp.519-42.

"Religion in Dreamland." Review of William M. Forrest, Do Fundamentalists Play Fair?; William Louis Poteat, Can a Man Be a Christian Today?; and Francis L. Patton, Fundamental Christianity, NR, XLVI (May 12,1926), pp. 377-8.
"The Method of Religious Inquiry." NR, XLVIII (Sept. 29, 1926), pp. 140-43.
"The Approaching Crisis." CC, CXIII (Nov., 1926), pp. 119-22.

"Two Views of Whitehead." Review of Alfred North Whitehead, Religion in the Making, NR, II (Feb. 16, 1927), pp. 361-2.
Review of Alfred North Whitehead, Religion in the Making, Ethics, XXXVII (April, 1927), pp. 312-13.
"Modem Catholic Philosophy." Review of John S. Zybura, Present-Day Thinkers and the New Scholasticism, JR, VII: 2 (April, 1927), pp. 315-18.
"Personal Idealism in the Service of Religion." Review of Ralph Tyler Flewelling, Creative Personality: A Study in Philosophical Reconstruction, JR, VII: 2 (April, 1927), pp. 321-5.
"Definition of Religion: A Symposium." JR, VII: 2(May, 1927), pp. 301-14.
"How Religion Cures Human Ills." JR, VII: 2 (May, 1927), pp. 263-76.
"Why Religion Saves." Review of Horace M. Kallen, Why Religion? NR, L (May 11, 1927), pp. 341-2.
"Religion Re-defined." Review of Alfred North Whitehead, Religion in the Making, JR, VII: 3 (July, 1927), pp. 487-90.
"Worship as a Means to Successful Living." Methodist Quarterly Review, LXXVI (July, 1927), pp. 355-66. Reprinted as Ch III of The Wrestle of Religion with Truth.
"Professor Whitehead's Concept of God." Hibbert Journal, XXV (July, 1927), pp. 623-30. Reprinted as Chap. XI in The Wrestle of Religion with Truth.
"The Story of Idealism." Review of R. F. Alfred Hoemlé Idealism as a Philosophy, JR, VII: 4(October, 1927), pp. 650-53.

"A Psychological Study of Wesley and Methodism." Review of Sidney G. Dimond, The Psychology of the Methodist Revival, JR, VIII: 1 (Jan., 1928), pp. 143-4.
Reply to Review by J. W. Buckharn ("Nature of Religion"). CC, XLV (Feb. 23,1928), pp. 240-41.
"Beauty and God in Public Worship." Methodist Quarterly Review, LXXVII (April, 1928), pp. 179-92.
"The Philosophy of Personalism." Review of Albert 1. Knudson, The Philosophy of Personalism, IR, VIII: 2 (April, 1928), pp. 291-6.
"Value and the Individual." JP, XXV (April 26, 1928), pp. 233-9.
"Kallen's Criticism: A Reply." JP, XXV (Aug. 2, 1928), pp. 435-8.
"Next Step for the Churches." CC, XLV (Sept. 20, 1928), pp. 1126-9.
"Adventure as Religious Method." Review of Burnett Streeter, John MacMurray, Alexander Russell, and Catherine Chilott, Adventure, JR, VIII: 4 (Oct., 1928), pp. 645-6.
"Spiritual Life," Part III, Chap. 9 of Experiments in Personal Religion by Ames, Bower, et al. (Chicago: American Institute of Sacred Literature, 1928).

"Philosophy of Worship." Monist, XXXIX (Jan., 1929), pp. 58-79.
"A Workable Idea of God." CC, XLVI (Feb. 14, 1929), pp. 226-8.
"Can Religion Embrace Nature?" Review of John Baillie, The Interpretation of Religion, NR, LVIII (March 6, 1929), pp. 75-6.
"Is Sin Out of Date?" CC, XLVI (March 14,1929), pp. 354-6.
Review of Edward S. Ames, Religion, CC, XLVI (March 21, 1929), p. 391.
"Naturalism Becomes Religious." Review of Edward S. Ames, Religion, NR, LIX (May 22,1929), pp. 44-5.
"Wrong Ways to justify Religion." CC, XLVI (Dec. 18, 1929), pp. 1571-3; XLVII (Jan. 8,1930), p. 55.

"Religion, God and the Ideal." The New Humanist, IV (1930), pp. 1-6, 33-40.
"A Philosophy of Religion." Review of Alfred North Whitehead, Process and Reality, JR, X: 1 (Jan., 1930), pp. 137-9.
"Right Way to justify Religion." CC, XLVII (Jan. 29,1930), pp. 139-42.
"Religion and the Physical Sciences." World Tomorrow, XIII (Feb., 1930), pp. 56-9.
"Another Interpretation of St. Francis." CC, XLVII (Feb. 121, 1930), pp. 209-11.
"A Diagnosis of our Ill." Review of Fritz Heinemann, Neue Wege der Philosophie, JR, X: 2 (April, 1930), pp. 287-90.
"Value.' Review of John Laird, The Idea of Value, JR, X: 2 (April, 1930), pp. 290-91.
"Does Prayer Change the Weather? A Symposium." CC, XLVII (Sept. 10, 1930), p. 1085.
"Appreciating Jesus Christ." CC, XLVII (Oct. 1, 1930), pp. 1181-4.
"John R. Mott." CC, XLVII (Oct. 15,1930), pp. 1246-7.

"God and Value," chapter in Religious Realism, Ed. D. C. MacIntosh (New York: Macmillan).
"Religion in John Dewey's Philosophy." JR, XI: I (Jan., 1931), pp. 1-19.
'What Is Knowledge?" Review of A. 0. Lovejoy, The Revolt Against Dualism, JR, XI: 2 (April, 1931), pp. 303-4.
"How Do We Know?" CC, XLVIII (May 27,1931), pp. 713-15.
"The Paradox of Pessimism." Review of Radoslav A. Tsanoff, The Nature of Evil, JR, XI: 3 (July, 1931), pp. 467-9.
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"Sand-Lot Religion." CC, XLVIII (Nov. 11, 1931), p. 1424.

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Review of Douglas Clyde MacIntosh, The Pilgrimage of Faith in the World of Modern Thought, JR, XII: 3 (July, 1932), pp. 420-21.
Review of J. E. Turner, The Revelation of Deity, Ethics, XLIII (Oct., 1932), pp. 97-9.
Review of Edgar Sheffield Brightman, Is God a Reason?, CC, XLIX (Oct. 5,1932), pp. 1204-5.
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3. Publications Dealing Specifically with Henry Nelson Wieman

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