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About the School for Meanings and Values

The School of Meanings and Values is a California non-profit corporation formed to provide courses of in-depth study for students of The Urantia Book to:
  • Explore new spiritual frontiers
  • Integrate the teachings into daily life
  • Inspire deeper commitment to service
  • Promote the development of teachers
  • Encourage and enhance leadership abilities

Our Purpose

The School of Meanings and Values is designed to provide a forum for individual and gropu spiritual exploration based on the principles and teachings of the fifth epochal revelation; to foster the integration of these principles and teachings into the practical lifestream; to offer the opportunity for in-depth study of The Urantia Book; and to train teachers and leaders in the ideals and philosophy of Jesus for worldwide service.

We welcome and encourage your participation as students, teachers and supporters.

About the School

The School has participated in Western Regional Conferences for readers of The Urantia Book, and has conducted a weekend conference on Evolving Spiritual Community. It has organized, designed and presented field teaching classes in the Los Angeles area on such topics as Comparative World Religions, How Jesus Taught, Inspiration: Gift of the Cosmos and Personal Outreach and Leadership.

Area of Studies

1. Topical studies of The Urantia Book of teachings to promote spiritual insight.

2. Comparative studies of philosophy and world religions to extend an opportunity for intellectual growth.

3. The study of human relations and the humanities to foster the development and integration of meanings and values into the practical lifestream.

4. Teacher training and leadership training for the further dissemination of The Urantia Book for worldwide service.

For additional information, contact:

The School of Meanings and Values
1855 E. Riverside Drive, #364
Ontario, CA 91761

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