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Planetary Prints
Spring 1985 Issue
All documents in this collection are PDF format.

This issue of Planetary Prints was dedicated to Clyde Bedell. The editor attempted to provide content which would reflect many of the things for which Clyde stood and which he loved.


Cover, artwork by Terry Kruger
Contents, Editorial
Priorities of the Urantia Movement, by Julia Fenderson
On Priorities, by Martin Myers
Goals, by Harry McMullan
Priorities in the Urantia Movement, by Meredith Sprunger
On Priorities, Center for Urantia Book Synergy
On Future Developments in the Urantia Movement, by Joe Pope
Churchification, by Jim McNelly
The Price of Revelation, by John Roper
The Foundations of Decision Making, by Bill and Kaye Cooper
A Course of Action for the Urantia Movement, by Mo Siegel
Rites of Passage, by Meredith Sprunger
Outreach, by Larry Mullins
Outreach, by Peter Laurence
Outreach, by Sek Seklemian
The Urantia Book Club, by Don Green
Public Ministry and the Bike, by Paul Harden
Are you Really a Urantian? by Clyde Bedell
Statement on Publicity, by Terry Kruger
Ministry in the Workplace, by Chris LePine and Jeanette Guimond
The New Concordex, by Jennifer Pickering
The Old Concordex, by Don Guimond
Clyde Bedell Graduates, by Don Guimond