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Letter to the General Council Regarding
Urantia Foundation's Denial of the
Revealed Nature of The Urantia Book

Meredith Sprunger
October 1988

October 20, 1988

The General Council
Urantia Brotherhood

Dear Friends:

Epochal revelation on our world has had a difficult course. Our Planetary Prince joined the Lucifer rebellion. Adam and Eve defaulted in their responsibility. Some Mechizedek missionaries failed because of their misunderstanding of Machiventa's instructions regarding over-organization. The followers of Jesus unintentionally substituted the religion of Jesus for the religion about Jesus. Tragically, the fifth epochal revelation is now facing the threat of sabotage by those most responsible for protecting it.

The Revelators in charge of presenting The Urantia Book warned against allowing self and power-seeking individuals from getting control of the book. All of us in the early days of the movement thought of "outsiders" as the greatest threat to such a takeover. It is ironic that the most concerted attempts in the usurpation of influence and power have come from within the Brotherhood.

Just as we are recovering from the effects of the Vern Grimsley grasp for such influence and control, a far more threatening danger to the fifth epochal revelation has appeared. The leadership of Urantia Foundation has gone on record in Federal Court declaring that they do not affirm that The Urantia Book is a revelation! This is a boldfaced strategy to get unwarranted control over the Urantia movement. For if they can get the court to rule that the book is a fiction, then no one can use words like Havona or Salvington or anything unique to The Urantia Book without their permission. It is unthinkable that Urantia Foundation would deny or even cast doubt on the revelatory nature of The Urantia Book! Nevertheless, such action has been taken in Federal Court.

The undersigned past presidents of Urantia Brotherhood believe the time has come to unequivocally defend the revelatory authenticity of The Urantia Book. We believe the president of Urantia Foundation, Martin Myers, and those trustees cooperating with this action, have defaulted in their responsibility to protect and defend the revelatory status of The Urantia Book. We are, therefore, urging the members of the General Council of Urantia Brotherhood to call a special meeting to discuss and adjudicate this challenge to the revelatory authenticity of The Urantia Book.


Meredith J. Sprunger

A Service of
The Urantia Book Fellowship