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Meredith Sprunger's Last Report to the Executive Committee
August 10, 1983
Meredith Sprunger

Date: August 10, 1983
From: Meredith Sprunger
To: Executive Committee
Subject: Report for September Meeting

Greetings from the north woods of Michigan where I am writing this report. The summer is almost over and I am wondering where it has gone! First of all, if you haven't read Fritjof Capra's The Turning Point, I would highly recommend it to you. It is now available in Bantam Books paperback. The book gives a comprehensive view of significant evolutionary changes taking place on our planet.

In this, my last report as a member of the Executive Committee, I should like to make two suggestions. The first recommendation is in reference to new people who attend conferences. At all major conferences there are a significant number of such people. I think it would be helpful if at every major conference on or two meetings would be scheduled for new people. At these meetings I think two multimedias should be shown: "An Introduction to The Urantia Book," and "A History of the Urantia Movement" (which the Publications Committee already has available) which would be followed by a question and answer period. This would be a great help to people who have recently started reading The Urantia Book.

The second suggestion is made in reference to the elderly people serving on the General Council. Progress in the Roman Catholic Church has been significantly hampered by the elderly men serving on the Curia. We should see that this does not happen to Urantia Brotherhood. Dr. Sadler had the wisdom to retire from active participation in leadership responsibilities and allowed the younger people to assume leadership positions. Not all elderly people follow his example; therefore, I recommend that we form an Elders Council which would be composed of people who when they reach the age of 70, certainly not later than 75, be transferred from the General Council to the Elders Council.

The Elders Council would be a self-governing body that would serve only in an advisory capacity. The Executive Committee or the General council could call on them at any time to give opinions on issues. It might be suggested that each year members of the Elders Council write a "Status of the Brotherhood" report to the General Council. One might wish to consider whether or not members of the Elders Council should be given the privilege of attending General Council meetings as observers. They should probably be kept on the mailing list to receive all official communications going to the General Council.

Looking back over the years I am a bit surprised to have served on the Executive Committee as this was never one of my goals or aspirations. I have always regarded my service on the Executive committee as temporary and, therefore, have acted as an expediter of progressive policies -- often long before the group was ready for them. My intent was to prepare the way for their eventual actualization. I am especially grateful to the "old timers" who tolerated my brashness (with pain, I'm sure) and helped me evolve an organization which is already of international scope. My greatest satisfaction over the years has been to see the Brotherhood change in function from a relatively closed oligarchical operation to a relatively open democratic institution.

As I leave the activities of the Executive Committee, I will certainly miss your fellowship. I am optimistic about the future of the Brotherhood; I believe the structuring of its growth is in good hands. My work evolving an interface between the Christian Church and culture and the fifth epochal revelation is a slow and almost impossible task but this is where I am called to serve. The angels of the churches and the angels of the future may have their differences; we human beings also have different insights, responsibilities, and objectives. Nevertheless, we are all engaged in common planetary and universe goals under the leadership of Christ Michael. May the Father grant each of us wisdom and courage to carry out our responsibilities and opportunities with spiritual vision.

I love you and remember you in my prayers. As I pass the baton to younger hands, I am confident it will be carried with swifter speed to greater goals!

A Service of
The Urantia Book Fellowship