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Resignation Letter of M. P.

August 16, 1989

Trustees of Urantia Foundation
533 Diversey Parkway
Chicago, IL 60614

Dear Trustees:

Ten years ago this last June I excitedly made the move to Chicago to work for Urantia Foundation. It was an opportunity to make my avocation my vocation, to be of service to fellow readers who shared an interest in this wonderful book that has meant so much to me. While I was hopeful, optimistic, and a bit in awe of the situation, at thirty-three years of age, with some difficult life experiences and a year of the horrors of Viet Nam behind me, I was hardly a naive idealist either.

What kind of leadership did I expect from the Trustees who were responsible for this great gift to the world? I expected group wisdom produced by individuals who were striving to be humble in the face of their responsibility, prayerful in attitude, tolerant of each other's views, respectful of the readership they were serving, courageous in making difficult decisions, but equally courageous to admit when they were wrong, and trustful of their fellow readers and each other.

What kind of leadership have I observed over the years? I have seen the domination of the board by one individual instead of group wisdom, the arrogance of a chosen person attitude instead of humility, self-importance innstead of a prayerful attitude, intolerance of other's views, disdain instead of respect for the readership, courage to make difficult decisions become a convenient rationalization for making decisions in isolation, cover-up and lack of communication when mistakes were made, and suspicion and paranoia in place of trust.

Over the years, in the hope that things would change, I have tried to support the purposes of the Foundation, but I simply can no longer in good conscience work for an organization dominated by such leadership. With deep regret and a personal sense of loss and even failure, I must offer my resignation.

To allow you some time to find a replacement and to allow for a smoother transition of responsiblity for my work projects, I am setting an effective date of September 15, 1989. I plan to offer my services and experience to the Brotherhood. Should they wish to accept, I will be readily available to assist any central office and/or Foundation personnel in the accomplishment of ongoing projects, especially the Spanish and Finnish translations.

If I am employed elsewhere, I will still lend whatever assistance I can by telephone. Despite our differences, these are important projects that must progress.

I truly hope and pray that you will take these observations and those of the Executive Committee to heart. If you cannot or will not change, you will seriously damage the very Foundation you believe you are protecting. I believe our movement is at a turning point in its history. The Brotherhood has emerged as the moral and spiritual leader, and the Foundation must rise to equal partnership or gradually relinquish its ability to exercise its rightful concerns. While the appearance may be that the Foundation can exist without the Brotherhood, the reality is just the opposite. It is better that we exist in harmony and equality.

As each of us ponders the best course for our movement, we as individuals must be willing to step aside if we are hindering progress and harmony. No one is indispensable. If the Foundation's course is right and I am wrong, I am willing to step out of its way by resigning. But if in your hearts you see any truth in these observations, you individually must consider the same for the good of the movement.

With deepest sincerity,

M. P.

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