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Urantia Foundation's Response to
Urantia Brotherhood's Request for the
Dismissal of Martin Myers


August 24, 1989

Members of the Executive Committee of Urantia Brotherhood 533 Diversey Parkway Chicago, Illinois 60614

Dear Members:

After carefully studying your July 21, 1989, letter to us, we are both encouraged and deeply concerned. We greatly appreciate your expression of continuing support of the principles and purposes which must guide Urantia Foundation, and your recognition of the need for a trusting and respectful relationship between us in what we always have understood to be our common mission. In addition, we believe it was constructive for you to have given deliberation to the degree to which Urantia Foundation and Urantia Brotherhood are separate, albeit related, organizations. This is a subject which we too have considered carefully on many occasions in attempting to achieve an harmonious blend of efforts within the organizational framework necessary to the maintenance of the proper relationship between the two organizations.

Unfortunately, we are also compelled to express our grave disappointment at the unfounded charges made in your letter against Urantia Foundation and its President, Martin Myers. Increasingly have some members of Urantia Brotherhood's Executive Committee and General Council taken to making vague allegations of wrongdoing against Urantia Foundation and its Trustees. This has occurred during a period of great difficulty occasioned by attempts of various individuals and groups to undermine the functioning of Urantia Foundation. The continuing and destructive nature of this behavior now has obscured the truth and, despite the undoubtedly sincere good faith of most of its members, misled the Executive Committee into engaging in the wrongful and unworthy assassination of the character of our President, Martin Myers.

It is important for you to understand that we have rejected all charges of wrongdoing made or intimated against Martin and Urantia Foundation after sincere and careful deliberation. We were not dissuaded from this process, notwithstanding that shortly before your meeting of July 17, 1989, David Elders expressly stated in a phone call, which he initiated to one of Urantia Foundation's attorneys, that he was willing to use litigation and the discovery process to obtain proof of wrongdoing by Martin, if it did not already exist. In other words, he was contemplating a fishing expedition to attempt to discover wrongdoing by Martin. Under these circumstances, it would be reasonable to dismiss the charges against Martin as nothing more than the outgrowth of personal animosity.

This is not to deny that Martin, and other Trustees, including recently resigned Trustees, have exhibited anger or frustration at members of Urantia Brotherhood or one another during recent years. Such relationships have not been as uniformly cordial as would be ideal. Likewise have members of the Executive Committee not only exhibited anger at Trustees and failed to do everything they reasonably could have done to maintain better interpersonal relationships with the Trustees, but also they have announced plans to search for grounds to attack at least one Trustee. None of these acts is desirable. We cannot believe, however, that you want us to interpret your letter as claiming that perfect self-control, under all circumstances, is requisite to leadership in our respective organizations. Further, we interpret your letter as an exhortation that both organizations scrupulously evaluate the actions of its members. We are in full agreement with this philosophy.

Because of our common goal of bringing about a more harmonious and productive relationship between Urantia Foundation and Urantia Brotherhood, we decided last Spring to designate one Trustee, Frank Sgaraglino, to have the primary responsibility for acting as a liaison with Urantia Brotherhood. Unfortunately, Frank chose to resign as a Trustee before this plan could bear fruit. We are confident, however, that Richard Keeler, the new Trustee who will replace Frank in this role, will persevere in whatever efforts are necessary to improve our relations, as will all of the other Trustees.

Martin recently called David Elders and informed him of Urantia Foundation's commitment to improving relations between the organizations. We hope these steps will be the first of many taken to improve the situation. To that end, we are open to receiving any suggestions or thoughts which you or others may have on how the members of our two organizations might improve our relations. We plan to make suggestions on the same subject.

A more urgent matter is your expression of the belief that Urantia Brotherhood's ability to realize its goals and purposes has been impinged upon, and that its work has been placed in jeopardy. If Urantia Brotherhood believes that it is unable to realize its goals and purposes or accomplish the work necessary thereto, it is necessary for us to know immediately how the goals, purposes, or work are not being accomplished. Failure in these respects must take precedence over other matters.

Finally, we are disappointed by your suggestion that the recent lawsuit with C.U.B.S. could have been avoided and was impractical. We have repeatedly explained to a number of members of the Executive Committee that litigation was used only as a last resort after Urantia Foundation's extensive attempts to have honest, open exchanges with C.U.B.S. were not reciprocated. However, as we have seen in the past, there are individuals who apparently have antipathy toward Urantia Foundation which causes them to close their eyes to the truth and to suppress or even distort it. Consequently, there has been a tendency to give credence to the false statements of those persons who were bent on interfering with the mission of Urantia Foundation and Urantia Brotherhood. As you undoubtedly know, it is inappropriate and unwise for Urantia Foundation to engage in a running commentary on each baseless charge made by an adversary during the course of any litigation. Urantia Foundation is entitled to Urantia Brotherhood's cooperation and trust. Inasmuch as the C.U.B.S. matter has been settled, Urantia Foundation is now preparing a detailed response to the charges made by C.U.B.S. in order to provide that information to you.

In spite of current disagreements, the Trustees continue to regard the members of the Executive Committee and other elected officials of Urantia Brotherhood as valued colleagues engaged in a common effort. Overall, we believe that the gravity of the situation makes it essential that the General Council conduct its deliberations in a cautious, thorough, and painstaking manner. We appeal to Councilors to avoid taking any precipitate action which would affect the long term relationship between Urantia Foundation and Urantia Brotherhood.

If resolutions or other proposals along such lines were put before the General Council, minimum respect for fairness would entitle the Trustees to written notice and a reasonable period during which they could comment. The Trustees would undoubtedly do so, focusing on the underlying implications and potential consequences. We believe that these comments, in turn, would be highly useful to the General Council in the next phase of its deliberations.

If any of you have any questions regarding the contents of this letter, please feel free to call or write any of the Trustees.

Very truly yours,

The Trustees of Urantia Foundation

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Trustee Emeritus
Recently Resigned Trustees
Past Presidents of Urantia Brotherhood

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