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Urantia Foundation's Response to
1987 Brotherhood President's Report
to the General Council of Urantia Brotherhood


July 27, 1987

Mr. David Elders, President
Urantia Brotherhood
533 Diversey Parkway
Chicago, Illinois 60614

Dear David:

Re: The August 1987 President's "Report To The General Council of Urantia Brotherhood"

The Trustees of Urantia Foundation thank you for the copy of your "Report To The General Council of Urantia Brotherhood.. The report is an articulate and beautifully written call of Urantia Brotherhood to a higher planetary service.

The report well sets out both in tone and in specific suggestions the manner in which Urantia Brotherhood may once again assume its rightful course towards its broader planetary destiny, not as a religious authority, but as a nurturing association of spirit-led individuals dedicated to helping others towards a richer, more meaningful earthly existence as a faith son or daughter of a loving heavenly Father.

The Trustees enthusiastically endorse your report and among other things therein specifically support your call to Urantia Brotherhood to become a:

"...multi-faceted, higher level of cultural expression of fifth epochal principles ever more broadly inclusive of individuals and groups (member and nonmember alike) associated in a magnificent march toward a higher order of mankind, Light and Life, fueled both by the inner desire to live as we envision God would live in our midst and the obvious attempt to actually do so."

We likewise enthusiastically support your statement:

"The teachings of The Urantia Book would become our guiding manual--not as an expression of dogmatic determinism, but as a window through which to see what is possible. This would be a visible commitment far beyond intellectual comprehension and assent since it would motivate our lives."

The Trustees wholeheartedly endorse:

"The thrust of our relationships and our work together would be wholly directed toward service. As individuals and groups we would focus not on 'What I or we need,' but rather on 'how can I or we help you become what you can be?'"

The Trustees join you in urging:

"In order to expand the capability of our minimal organizational structure to help in the accomplishment of this great task of uplifting civilization to higher cultural achievement, our emphasis would be more heavily directed toward programs designed to empower increasing numbers of individuals and groups in this work."

The Trustees, each of whom is or has at one time or another been a member of the General Council of Urantia Brotherhood, are concerned as to the nature and direction of the activities of the General Council. An evaluation of the past leads us to conclude that there has been too much preoccupation with things organizational. Moreover, there is a clear influence of traditional and/or fundamentalist Christian methodologies in approaching the acculturation of the Urantia Movement. In addition, much effort has gone to the presumption of prerogatives clearly within the scope of the Trustees' legal and moral responsibilities, instead of focusing on the more appropriate concerns relating to the destiny of planetary service awaiting Urantia Brotherhood.

In assessing the past, the Trustees question whether there is not a certain sentiment at work between Urantia Brotherhood and Urantia Foundation that takes root in the very growth process through which we are evolving. Perhaps a helpful way of characterizing this viewpoint is by recalling the process whereby in a relationship each person in his or her own development moves from a dependent stage, to an independent stage and finally to an interdependent status. This fully-developed relationship of interdependence and mutual respect is what the Trustees envision ultimately will govern the relationship between Urantia Foundation and Urantia Brotherhood, and is one the Trustees will work to develop, realizing, however, that purposeful growth of this nature requires suitable conditions and time as well as sincere desire and effort on the part of all parties concerned. In the meantime the Trustees cannot, will not, be dissuaded from strong and resolute action where required.

But whatever may be immediately required of the Trustees, the Trustees believe that the spirit and program for truly meaningful action which you have so well envisioned will over time not only be creative of a mature, interdependent relationship between Urantia Foundation and Urantia Brotherhood, but also it will indeed go a long way towards helping Urantia Brotherhood effectively to concentrate its direction toward true planetary service. The Trustees have remarked often as to the talent and ability resident on the General Council. There is indeed a phenomenal aggregation of tremendous potential unfolding, we think, through an unselfish, creative and coordinate expression. We are surely encouraging and supportive of the realization of the service potentials perceived in and among the members of the General Council.

David, what you have proposed is not only a refocusing on the goals, but also a methodology of how to get there, a methodology truly unique to Urantia Brotherhood. It has been said "When we lose sight of the goals, we begin to focus on the obstacles." The Trustees believe your report substantially improves the chances of attaining those higher goals so often talked about, but not often creatively nor productively focused upon as to how to be attained.

The whole purpose of differentiating the functions of Urantia Foundation and Urantia Brotherhood was to free Urantia Brotherhood from restricting and potentially contentious matters of a legal and technical nature, thus enabling Urantia Brotherhood unencumbered to pursue a higher and larger spiritual planetary service. While Urantia Brotherhood pursues its mission, let the Trustees be as helpful as possible to Urantia Brotherhood in developing effective means of cooperating in the areas of copyright and trademark, removing unfounded worries or concerns therefor.

Each of the Trustees joins you David in wishing to "maximize the spirit of cooperation in doing OUR work as the human corps in a broader planetary program."

Please accept the very best wishes of each of the Trustees of Urantia Foundation.


Urantia Foundation

Martin W. Myers President

A Service of
The Urantia Book Fellowship