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As of October 27th, 1983
Clyde Bedell
Boulder, CO 80302

THIS WAS THE EVENING of Boulder’s Study Group meeting at the Boulder School, last Thursday evening.  For a week or more, class work had been neglected, and curriculum requirements slighted as students and a lead or two discussed and argued, for the most part in upset and frightened terms, the ”communications” that had come from Vern Grimsley in Berkeley.

According to several almost identical reports heard by different people, Vern told a General Counsel meeting in Chicago, several months ago, that he was given a clear communication (while sitting in his bathtub) to the effect that it would be a grave mistake to give the U Book any publicity at this (that) time.  Incidentally, Vern is an agent for the Foundation, and this communication beautifully supported the “do-nothing” policy of 533.

Some people believed in the truth of the reported visitation and message.  Some did not.  Further communications were reported from time to time – some very sobering ones in the last several weeks.  And people from Chicago and elsewhere who had been notified and invited by Vern started visiting him to get corroborative details and instructions that purportedly came from our Celestial Overseers.

By Study Group night, October 27th, Boulder readers were all agog.  Some were calm and unbelieving, or if they believed the communications may have had validity they felt there was no reason for panicking or altering daily routines.

THE STUDY GROUP MEETINGS in Boulder range in attendance from 5 to 15 or more, depending on various Urantia programs, etc.  On September 20th the meeting was very small.  Some of us believed the meeting of the 27th would be very well attended because of the “communications” uproar.  It was.  J. Pickering was in charge that night and had planned an evening on the subject of “forgiveness”, but while working with me in the afternoon, expressed serious concern lest the communications furor take over and eclipse the Study Group subject.

I was anxious to calm the troubled waters and the last thing I did before the meeting was to prepare a brief talk that I told J. I would present only if SOMEONE ELSE OPENED THE SUBJECT.  At her dinnertime, J. was instructed that M. and J. H. and M. H. did not want any mention of the furor during the study Group meeting.  When she picked me up before the meeting I told her that no one could dictate what could or could not be discussed, and again said it was about certain to come up, and be discussed.

J. opened the meeting and said the three mentioned men wanted NO DISCUSSION WHATEVER OF THE WEEK’S DRAMATIC subject.  She said that after the Study Group meeting had adjourned then the subject could be discussed if desired.  That request was honored.

The moment the meeting was over, M. rose at the central spot in the room and said he wanted to talk.  He spent at least 30 minutes outlining the international situation, and reporting on the serious investigative work he had been doing re:  preparation for nuclear attack.

With no equivocation of reservations whatever he recommended that everyone immediately take steps to store a quantity of emergency food and water.  He mentioned a $350 pack of food that could be had for any family.

He described large plastic sacks like funny bags his family would complete preparation of the next day.  Big ones for adults, smaller for the kids.  These would be stocked – then kept at the front door for a fall-out shelter.  He recommended such preparation for everyone.  He reported there were shelters in Boulder for all of Boulder’s 120,000 population and told everyone to find out at once where the most convenient shelters were for her or him.  There was much more.

Everyone knew that J. H. had been to Texas and Arkansas that week, looking for a new and safer site for the Boulder Schools.  The air was literally heavy with fear and apprehension.

The only “relief” M. offered was his assurance that a nuclear attack would not be nearly so death dealing as people thought.  He said many people would survive, that fallout was consistently over-stated, etc.

When he was through, after 11 P.M. , J. asked me if I wished to read the statement I had prepared – with no idea whatever that M.’s upsetting but complete and carefully documented speech was to be made.  I said:  “I certainly do.”

J. then asked the crowd which was beginning to rise from their chairs if they would be seated again for just a few minutes.  “Clyde wants to make a statement.’  I believe no one left the room.

I told the crowd that my statement had been prepared several hours earlier without knowing at all that M. was going to make a presentation.  I said:  “This statement may seem like a direct response to Mo, but it isn’t.  You should act upon Mo’s suggestions or not according to your personal reactions.”

“It is obvious many of you are – reasonable enough – badly upset and fearful of what’s ahead.”  I said, “And some of you, I am sure, must be confident that nuclear attach will not occur.  I want to say some things that I hope, no matter how little or much you wish to prepare as per Mo’s specific suggestions – some things that may reassure you.”

“I emphasize that this is not a response to Mo’s suggestions, but to the week’s developments.  War could occur tomorrow, so however you have so far reacted to M.’s frightening talk, this is not an effort to get you to change your mind, but whatever is your reaction, my words are to get you to ponder some things M. has not mentioned.” 

I then read the title, “TO BE (upset) OR NOT TO BE”, and the article THE RECEPTION, or course, was varied.  Those who disagreed with me would generally keep quiet, so I don’t know how many of those there were.  Those who agreed were more likely to say something.  T. P. repeated several times the essence of perhaps the majority who agreed with me, saying:  “Thank God, Clyde Bedell is here and has restored some balance to overcome the panic and fear that has been so evident this week.”

On Saturday I received a long one-page letter from Vern, a form letter I would imagine, suggesting he would like to talk the whole matter over with me in Berkeley.  He sent this letter, I believe, to many “leaders”, to use his term.  A good man Chicago area people had already trekked to Berkeley.  I see nothing to be gained by going, so will respond to Vern in the negative.

The piece ‘TO BE (upset) OR NOT TO BE” is, with a few words corrected, the manuscript I read from Thursday night.  It may be given out by you if you wish. With discretion.  I see no reason for its going to any but neglected leaders who have not become aware of, or involved in, this panic-stirring communications affair.  For those who may not have pondered on their own the topics I cover, it may shed some comfort.

I will only add here that several of the people whom I believe are the most God-oriented and spiritually sensitive people in the area, appear to be 100% in accord with my attitude and viewpoint.

This is a time for Urantia-inspired love to embrace us all, of whatever opinions.  Let this affair not divide us, but lead us to embrace our guidon more warmly than ever.  Whatever is your bother’s or sister’s conviction regarding possible catastrophe, he or she will be strengthened by words of sympathy rather than criticism in this so-distressing time for some readers.  Our Overseeing friends are resourceful.  They surely will see that all-out nuclear war is avoided if that is at all possible.  Al things are possible with God.  You may be quite sure that NO CIVILIZATION DESTROYING holocaust will occur.

Read to a Boulder meeting, the evening of October 27th, 1983, after the people had been given a half-hour or so scare talk urging the storage of food, water, etc., the preparation for each family member of a big kit to take to fall-out shelters, upon alarm, etc.

(The referred-to talk was made by a most prominent Urantian.  The following talk is for really ACTIVIST readers only.)

TO BE (upset) OR NOT TO BE

WELL, we are meeting tonight at a time of confusion, excitement, even panic and fright on the part of some.  I decided several hours ago that I would like – if you care to permit me – to make a brief statement, should the current strange psychic “vibes” be brought up in this meeting by someone else.

EVER since the first World War, history seems to have been becoming more and more muddled, and today affairs seem worse than ever, even though “the world is one” as far as communications, contiguousness, epidemic, news, and rumor – and much more – are concerned.  If Japan has a shampoo, Russia washes its feet, and the U.S. takes a bath.  If there is a strong draft of cold air over East Germany, Cuba sneezes, and Italy takes a pill.

LET’S spend a minute or so for a glance at history and human inconstancy.  Sixty plus years ago, Alexander Kerensky was a notable Russian revolutionist.  I still believe he was a great and good man.  He won his Revolution and became Russia’s premier in 1917.  Later than year, the anti-God and anti-Christ Bolsheviks attacked his government and stole it from him.  Kerensky fled to Paris.

Had Kerensky and his government prevailed over the years, it is perhaps safe to assume that Russian today would be a Christian country, and likely an ally of the U.S. and most of Europe.  In that case, today’s terrible ideological struggle would never have come into existence.

Meanwhile, Russia and Germany had been enemies, but by an about face, Hitler made an agreement with Russia which enabled those two countries to invade Poland, and then divide her.  Soon thereafter, Hilter’s plan to invade England have turned unpromising, he set his face Eastward and despite his treaty with Russia decided to conquer that vast land.  He had already conquered and occupied most of Europe.   Hitler literally reached the suburbs or Moscow with his armies – after a several thousand-mile trek.

Had the world permitted Hitler and Russia to continue their war without intercession, it seems most probable that they would have destroyed each other.  Germany was vastly overextended and Russia was desperately diminished militarily and financially.  One cannot but wonder if that was the celestial plan – that two greatly weakened anti-God, anti-Christ nations be at each other’s throats, and neither capable of prevailing substantially even in the event of a questionable victory.

But that was not to be.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, then in the White House, determined to respond to Russia’s appeal for aid.  Materials were provided and soon a billion dollar lend-lease arrangement.  What might possibly have been a providential denouement was prevented!

How the world’s East-West dilemma will now be settled, heaven only knows.  But in any event, the world will be paying dearly for perhaps centuries for the free world’s saving of Russia.  I wish to emphasize the point that in the deplorable war-reeking atmosphere, which offends the sensitivities of every one of us, I believe far more than the question of war between East and West is hovering over us.  We are rapidly approaching another denouement within which the character and complexion of vast planetary affairs may be set moving for the next thousand years.

WELL, what should our attitudes be?”  Our personal attitudes!  No one can tell each of us, no one on earth!  If there are strange groanings and voices in the night for some Urantians and the sound of eerie warning words in some ears, they may possibly be from our friends “upstairs”, attempting to be of service to us.  Or they may be, and in my opinion more likely are, the jumbled echoes, fears, doubts and confusions – I hope – that are born of dual loyalties, loyalties to our spiritually immature human state, and to our burgeoning – I hope – but still incomplete loyalties to Jesus and to the Father.  We have not yet, for the most part, become so intimately and lovingly enough associated with them to rest utterly secure and comfortable in their sheltering arms.

Highly activist Urantians who are loyal to official U policies in the light of the Book’s demands for loyalty above all else to our universe rulers, put “a severe strain on the soul…the human mind does not well stand the conflict of double allegiance” (1,480B).  “The human mind can become twisted, distorted”.  (1,217A).

We are all of us in separate individual relationships with God, and with our worldly affairs and with our families.  Therefore, each of us must follow the calls he or she hears most clearly.  Being aware always that our heavenly servitors incessantly “struggle” to communicate to us”, we must not forget that it is extremely difficult for them to do so.  (Unless you are almost a celestial being yourself, somehow detained among us poor backward mortals)  The Book bears me out on this.  Very few humans ever hear the voice or direct instruction of a Thought Adjuster.  I am sure I never have. (1,213C).

However, if you feel impelled to seek safety from an atomic attack, there is no reason on earth why you should not do so.  Or if you are more impelled, as I am, in prospect of a nuclear attack, to pretty much follow your normal routines, you should do so.  Make allowance for the fact that some people have small children and must view life and death differently from some of the rest of us.  Some too, would not like to leave this planet until they have earned more credits on the “upstairs books”.  They must make their own plans.

Remember too, that if the current shocking rumors and scare words had not been spread, there would be nothing strange whatever in people seeking bomb shelters and in stocking food and water.  For war has been a possibility for a long time and could come tomorrow.

HOWEVER, I would like to give you several simple reasons why I believe the odds are against all the threats of imminent holocaust.  These thoughts may comfort you some until you have far more reason to feel uncomfortable.

  1. The Russians are still Leninists.  And I believe Lenin was quite clear in his teachings that the Communists should never go to war unless they were certain they could win.  It is very doubtful that they have that certainty.  However, they could, some evil day, have an emotionally controlled, hotheaded man’s finger on the nuclear button.  Heaven knows we suffer from emotionalism and temper in our Movement.
  1. Our celestial Overseers are very wise and very good.  Our planet is the sentimental favorite among 10,000,000 in our local Universe, due to the bestowal of our beloved Jesus.  Do you think these Overseers want our beautiful but troubled planet destroyed – with untold suffering for vast numbers of people?

Our Sovereigns do let men make the final decisions in human affairs.  But until a final destructive and evil decision is made, these unseen lovers of humanity are employing every conceivable effort to affect final decisions favorably.  I have great confidence in their potential for avoiding war until the last insane human decision is made.  Our Book’s assurance goes even further.  It tells us master seraphim are the guarantees against (planetary) disaster (1,256D).

  1. Jesus had had 4 billion years of experience before He started creating this local universe.  His helpers are experienced.  What do they not know?  I believe that if they wished to warn some of their children, as some readers believe they now have, it is my opinion they would do it in a more rational, credible, dignified manner, consistent with their experience and their desires for our Movement to be honored rather than discredited.  (There is no way on earth to prevent nonreader people, perhaps a great many, from knowing that a few U Book readers “have had warnings”, “they have head voices”, and “had visits from Celestial Beings”.  Now, if war does not come, we will be, not the nearly “secret society” we have thus far been, due to 533’s repressive policies, but a discredited laughing stock.  I do not think we have been warned credibly, in keeping with the dignity and gravity of an Epochal Revelation.  But of course I could be mistaken.  Just as those who have warned us could be.  Incidentally, many notable centers of great U activity have heard not one word of all this Celestial communicating.  While we in Boulder are being told to store food and water, and so on!
  1. Let me read you a paragraph from page 1,209 of  The Urantia Book:  “There exists a vast gulf between the human and the divine, between man and God.  The Urantia races are so largely electrically and chemically controlled, so highly animal-like in their common behavior, so emotional in their ordinary reactions, that it becomes exceedingly difficult for the Monitors to guide and direct them.  You are so devoid of courageous decisions and consecrated cooperation that your indwelling Adjusters find it next to impossible to communicate directly with the human mind.  Even when they do find it possible to flash a gleam of new truth to the evolving mortal soul, this spiritual revelation often so blinds the creature as to precipitate a convulsion of fanaticism or to initiate some other intellectual upheaval, which results disastrously.  Many a new religion and strange “ism” has arisen from the aborted imperfect, misunderstood, and garbled communications of the Thought Adjusters.”  (My emphasis)

I do not imply at all that the minds of those who have had dire warnings from invisible authorities are confused or twisted.  But I do mean to say that if that was not one of the options all readers should invariably consider under such circumstances as todays, that writing would not be in our blessed Book.

There are other quotes that could be used from our Book to reassure you – without suggesting at all that you should NOT prepare for holocaust if you are impelled to do so.  But I have made this longer already than I intended.

I CONCLUDE by saying, only for myself of course:  My heart is at rest.  My mind is at ease.  My love for the Father and for Jesus is so overwhelming in my life that it doesn’t make any difference to me personally what happens.  For I know that I am destined to spend an eternity with, and serving, God.  And this is true of you, if you are really a reader-believer.